Tudor's functional training programme aims to improve your functional fitness

to ensure you are as agile, well balanced, strong and flexible as possible.

If you feel that your joints start to stiffen and became less agile,

we can challenge this through functional training. 

The programmer is tailored to your own specific fitness level, body condition and your willingness.

We collect the basic profile of you when you are registering online and our trainers continually assess your progression throughout the programme, which would guarantee the result.

Please contact us if you would like to know how Tudor's can improve your function and the detailed projection.

The PT session is available from ¥3,000 and our expert team would advise purchasing a package of personal training sessions and aiming to train at least twice a week. 

With sounding methods, Tudor's trainers will achieve your weight loss challenge.
Tudor's trainers will support you to sculpturing your body shape, and to improve your overall strength.
Tudor's trainers will design programmes to ensure that you can face daily life with full confidence.
It is so important to look after your mental wellness as well as looking after your body. Tudor's GT sessions can provide you both.
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Catharine, H

I was a member of my local gym but I didn't know what to do and I didn't like the mostly male environment. With Tudor's trainer I can enjoy my workout in an open environment and I really like that my trainer gives me right instructions.

Saki, N

For my modelling I needed to trim fat around my waist within a month and Tudor's was the cheapest personal training provider.  The weight loss programme I took came with meal plan for free and I could ask any question online. The trainer was kind and I'm grateful of the progress I made.

James, S

I was visiting Tokyo for my work and was looking for personal training gyms around. I loved the idea of paying for each session and the trainer was helpful and friendly. For English speaking personal trainers, Tudor's would make the best deal I think. 

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