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As an international leading personal trainer and basketball coach & fitness coach; Reggie Stovell

leads an intensive, age-appropriate training session built to improve quickness, strength and agility along with basketball fundamentals.

Fitness trainer and basketball coach Reggie Stovell ranks among the all-time leading scorers at Tufts University and played professional basketball in Germany.

Reggie has become a well known for international health and fitness coach, and is responsible for shaping some of the most important physiques when he provided his service at the White House back in the U. S..

He is also the health and fitness expert for a number of national and international basket ball teams, including "", "", "".


He is also makes contributions being a nutritional and fitness trainer & consultant to the number of fitness business.


Reggie's group training sessions are specialised in high intensity circuit workout.

Enjoy his training class - it allows you to focus on one thing - your results. 

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