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3 Easy-prep Meals Personal Trainers would eat themselves

You know the game. Crips and chocolates are on the avid list. If you live long enough in Japan, please add Ramen Noodles and Okonomi-yaki to that red list, too.

You also know that if you choose the healthy way, you are going to crave for sweet taste. Even you do not find yourself a sweet teeth, still hunger is a big cause for your stress.

Here I will introduce 3 recipes that I personally employ very frequently to maintain my fitness.

Oatmeal|Rice-crave Killer. Find a box with the Puritan captain

You Need:


Hot water


Frozen berries, mango and such


If you'd like Rice Pudding, more milk

Splinkle of cut fruits give it a charm and natural sweetness

Fruits Smoothie with Protein Powder|1 Minute for real "Energy Drink"

You Need:

Fruit of Choice


Ice Cubes

Protein Powdor of Choice


5 seconds blending, leaving chunkie fruit bits

Find your Go-to option for a choice in fruits and protein powder

My favourite is Banana, Strawberry, Water, Protein Chocolate Flavour

Sauteed Vagitables|Simple Yet Fulfilling Choice

You Need:

Tomatoes, Eggplants, Paprika...etc.

Olive Oil on a pan

Pink Sault & Black Pepper


Select the vegitables in Red, Green, Purples, Yellow

Freshly milled sault / pepper makes a professional taste


For a balanced diet that helps achieving your fitness goals, consult your personal trainer. Total calories and macro nutrition should be carefully tuned in fomulating a successful diet programme. I am here for you if you would like a chat.



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